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Anh Do

Anh Do

Executive Sous Chef

In 1996, Anh Do, age 6, journeyed to California, United States of America with his family as first generation Vietnamese immigrants, where he spent his new life as a proud US citizen. Seeking new opportunities and a way to improve the quality of life for their child, Anh’s parents urged him to seek his future in medicine or engineering. After spending years helping his mother prepare family meals in the kitchen, it was in the summer of 2002 that Anh realized his passion was to involve himself with everything surrounding the realm of food. 

He saw the love from his mother and grandmother translated through their efforts to ensure that the family would have a home cooked meal no matter how tough things got. Inspired to serve the community with the love language known as acts of service, he finds himself in the culinary lab at The Mulberry House Brewery with his dear friend, Executive Chef Andrew Wigger. His first mission is to offer his 15 years of culinary experience to help The Mulberry House Brewery team to become a driving force that redefines the culinary scene and trend in North Carolina, starting with Washington. Secondly, Anh’s goal is to assist The Mulberry House Brewery, not only to become the place where friends and family want to be, but an establishment where people would be proud to build a career for their future.  

Having been trained in the French and Italian ways of gastronomy, Anh’s unique cooking style pays homage to the traditional flavors and ingredients of Southeast Asia, meanwhile elevating them to the modern age of cuisine by using the culinary techniques that he has developed intently over the decade. With an arsenal of international influences, coupled with Chef Andrews’s overseas culinary experiences, Anh seeks to help The Mulberry House Brewery team to develop a modern culinary subculture that can permeate throughout North Carolina and to all the Southeast American states.